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The MoBIB card (MoBility In Belgium) is an extremely practical non-transferable electronic smart card storing SNCB season tickets and Youth Holidays (Go Unlimited), as well as STIB or TEC tickets and season tickets, and De Lijn season tickets. It really makes transport options much easier throughout Belgium. Furthermore, the MoBIB care is. To validate, simply hold the MOBIB card in front of the red validator. More information about ticket validation * To travel from Brussels Airport with a personal MOBIB card, only the Go2City tickets and the Airport Line season tickets are valid. MOBIB Basic card. What is a MOBIB Basic card? The MOBIB Basic card is an anonymous and reloadable card A MoBIB card is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. In practice, you'll be able to renew season ticket stored on your MoBIB card if it begins before your card's expiry date. If you have a currently valid season ticket on your expired MoBIB card, you can keep using the card until your season ticket expires Check if your card has been issued by a Bank that participates in Mobi-B and register at an ATM in a a few easy steps: Choose an ATM of a bank that participates in Mobi-B, insert your card and select the Registration - Mobi-B/mobb menu. Enter a mobile number and the ATM will print a six-digit activation code What is the MOBIB card? How to subscribe? Where to buy your tickets? How to validate your tickets? Site index. Contact us. Our contact details Tickets and fares. Choosing the right travel document Find a sales outlet What is the TEC ? News Jobs.

Travelling by train with a season ticket: MoBIB card SNC

DOWNLOAD OUR MOBILE APP. Anytime, anywhere! Check out timetables, station and stop info and track services in realtime Faites l'expérience de la nouvelle application My MoBIB. Cette application vous permet de lire des titres de transports MoBIB pour tous les opérateurs de transports publics belges SNCB, STIB, De Lijn et TEC. Vous pouvez scanner votre carte MoBIB and enregistrer votre carte sur votre smartphone Android (équipé de NFC) en quelques secondes The MOBIB card is not a ticket, but you can load your tickets onto it. So it is like a bank card that allows you to store your tickets. All kinds of season tickets can go onto a MOBIB card. The only exceptions are Snellijn cards in Limburg, and some student passes

Hand in your card at a Lijnwinkel.If there is no visible damage to your card you will be issued a 14-day pass you can use pending delivery of your new card. Or you can send your faulty MOBIB card via regular mail and with an accompanying letter to our Travel Pass Department (dienst Abonnementen) at Slijkensesteenweg 11 - 8400 Ostend. Our staff there will check why your MOBIB card no longer works A MOBIB card costs €5 and has a validity period of 5 years. It can be bought in a BOOTIK or through GO easy. If you wish to buy a personal MOBIB card, you will need your electronic identity card (eID), a recent identity picture and €5. A MOBIB Basic card costs €5 and has a validity period of 5 years. It can be bought in a KIOSK, in a BOOTIK The MOBIB card is an interoperable smart chip card issued by the NMBS/SNCB and also used by the MIVB/STIB. It can contain multiple railcards (contracts of carriage) simultaneously, but is not a railcard itself So for 1 1/2 days, if you will be using public transport intensively on the full day, I would buy 5 x STIB 24H cards @ €7.50, plus 1 Mobib card (€5) loaded with first 10 trips (€14) and then you can see whether you need any more, on the same card; and if you won't be using public transport intensively enough (= 3+ trips per person) on any.

If you load a 10-trip card on it, on the other hand, this CAN indeed cover multiple users. So IF you are talking about the 10-trip card, yes this means you can buy 1 Mobib Basic card (€5) loaded with 10 trips (€14), and validate the card (in EACH means of transport) as many times as there are users Answer 1 of 3: Hello I am in Brussels for about 4 days and would be travelling to and from the hotel to the city center at least twice a day. Will the MOBIB card be beneficial to me. or should i go in for the day card. Also where are these cards available.. Mobib readers cannot read Navigo pass, so no compatibility whatsoever with the anonymous Navigo card, sigh. Cards: ASK dual interface cards, according to the ASK productsheet for Calypso a CD21 of 8K bytes with as IC a ST19WR08 from ST Microelectronic

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  1. The Mobib Card allows you to put all your SNCB, TEC, STIB and De Lijn season tickets onto a single card. It's the easy way to travel throughout Belgium
  2. Questions and Answers for Business-to-Business customers. Season tickets on an all-in-one travel card
  3. The MOBIB card is an electronic card. You can buy various tickets (travel plans, De Lijn card, MIVB tickets) for different transport companies and place these on the card. You add money to the card. This money pays for a certain number of trips. You can add money to the card at the counter at the train station
  4. However, before you take a MOBIB-card, always check if the card is charged. 'Empty cards' will be marked with a post-it. In case the office manager did not yet find the time to top-up the MOBIB-cards, make sure to bring the bankcontact-card with you to reload the MOBIB-card yourself at a vending machine
  5. The Mobib card is new for me so no precise idea how to count the journeys. I still use the paper cards, but with the new card I think it works the same but with the difference you can load any type of ticket you like, so a single trip, 10-ride, dayticket etc
  6. Answer 1 of 8: Do I need to buy this Mobib basic card for my wife and myself to use the trams and Metro? I will need them to travel on trams every day. I also understand they have a single ticket for 2.10 Euro for 1 hr transfers. Can I just buy a few of these..
  7. iLector, has no pin-pad capabilities, and there is a card detected with given ATR and description MOBIB Card. An ATR (Answer To Reset) identifies the type of a smart-card. The reader, has a unique ID, reader_id; this reader_id must be used in order to request functionalities for the MoBIB card


  1. A new MOBIB card will be sent to your home address via regular mail within 7 working days. Your old MOBIB card will be deactivated as soon as you apply for a new one. Apply . Please note. Please note that you need a valid ticket for every journey with De Lijn, even while you are waiting for your new MOBIB card. If there was an ongoing.
  2. T1C-JS Guide (v2) T1C-JS Guide (v2
  3. Answer 1 of 30: We're a family of five traveling to Brussels for a day and a half in early May. I've been looking into public transportation options, and it looks like we can either buy contactless single tickets or use a MOBIB card and load it with..
  4. Ask for your free card now to benefit quickly from the many advantages. Pcard+ partners. A less expensive car park at Brussels Airport STIB. Activate the MOBIB Basic functionality on your Pcard+ to access to the Brussels STIB network. Discount on your parking during your movie at UGC. Enjoy a special rate of 3 euros. Anvers Sportpaleis.

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  1. MOBIB Card Reader - 2017 Edition. Read data stored on your MOBIB card (STIB/MIVB, SNCB/NMBS, TEC). My objective with this project is to: get rid of this bloated Tk GUI and have a simple CLI too
  2. Using somebody else's MOBIB card now risks a fine of €408, following the launch of a new anti-fraud campaign by Brussels' public transport operator, STIB. The new campaign encourages public transport users to ensure that their transport tickets are valid, or they will face the possibility of significant fines
  3. You have a MOBIB card of another operator (SNCB, STIB, De Lijn) ? You can put your TEC ticket on this card by visiting an ESPACE TEC or at a SELF (vending machine). If you wish to buy a ticket using the E-SHOP or by EASY PAY, you should first visit an ESPACE TEC in order to link your card to our ticket system

MOBIB card is a card on which you can download the transport contract that you have chosen. You validate it every time you board. The different subscriptions can only be loaded on the nominative MOBIB card. Tickets (traditional ticket with a magnetic strip called JUMP) and the subscription contracts for MOBIB card are available in : in the. MoBIB is the STIB/MIVB smart card, introduced in 2007. It uses contactless technology based on the Calypso-system, comparable with London's Oyster card. All Metro stations, buses and trams have MoBIB readers. It is possible to buy monthly passes, yearly passes, 1 and 10-trip tickets and daily and 3-day passes Smart Card or token, we have the right technology for you. Years of experience and know-how, built up in the most prestigious card projects in Belgium (Proton, SIS, eID, Mobib, etc.), makes us the perfect partner in choosing the technology and the final realization of your project You can then launch the application MOBIB-Extractor.py in the terminal using the command: For UNIX architecture : ./MOBIB-Extractor.py or python MOBIB-Extractor.py; For Windows : MOBIB-Extractor.py; User manual. If you want to read a card: Plug your reader and put your card on; Click File and click Acquisition; If you want to read an old dump. Answer 1 of 24: Where can I buy a Mobib card in Gare du Midi? I will be arriving by Eurostar

The MOBIB card, which has the size of a traditional credit card, is a contactless payment card which displays the holder's picture and with which the user can pay for public transport, top up balances and gain access to public car parks. Customers can top up their MOBIB card on the internet, at every underground station through the GO ticket. Answer 1 of 11: Hello, I will arrive to Bruxell Airport on Friday morning and I need to buy the Discover Brussels MOBIB Card 72h. Is there a Boutique shop where I can buy it at the Airport? Thank The card is valid for 5 years. There is a named and unnamed card. You will need to upload tickets to this card. Below are the prices for travel in Brussels, current for 2020. 1 ticket for the trip (Single fare JUMP): €2,10. This ticket can purchase on a MOBIB or MOBIB Basic card, or as a separate ticket Blue-bike card Can I block and unblock my Blue-bike card myself? Of course, in case of loss or theft you can block your card yourself by logging into our website


Belgian Mobility Card SA/NV. Download APK (22.2 MB) Versions. Using APKPure App to upgrade My Mobib, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of My Mobib. Faites l'expérience de la nouvelle application My MoBIB.. This application is able to read the content of a MoBIB card issued by MIVB/STIB. It will read all the available contracts on your card, and will show you how many rides are left on each of them. Note that this is an unofficial application and is not related to MIVB/STIB, De Lijn, NMBS/SNCB or MoBIB in any way


A MOBIB card costs € 5 and has a validity period of 5 years as from the date of purchase. After this validity period, your MOBIB card has to be renewed. It can be bought in a BOOTIK or by using or.. La carte MOBIB (ou MOBIB basic) est rechargeable et est valable 5 ans. Elle peut contenir jusqu'à 8 titres de transport You can view your data as a separate card which provides detailed information, such as extended text notes, pictures and photos. It's also possible to view your records on map if you entered any GPS coordinates. Label the entered locations, proceed to details and add new entries right from the map view It is true that you can get 5/10-trip ticket and a 1-/3-day card, but all of these except apparently the 5-trip card come in BOTH forms, MOBIB (plastic) and non-MOBIB (paper), as does the 1-trip ticket. This all seems to me to be perfectly clear from the website, where the relevant part is [original link] Sep 19, 2016 - Good news! Collectors can again purchase the collector's box. You can link your MOBIB card to your subscription yourself by logging into your online account (www.blue-bike.be). When you are logged in, click on 'Membership Card' at the top. Then click on the two arrows ('request duplicate'), where you can either order a new card, or link a MOBIB card

MoBIB is designed to be reloaded and to provide mass transit convenience with a single card. ASK supplies contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags, ePassport inlays and readers for mass transit, access control, banking, e-Identity and supply chain markets with over 100 million contactless products currently in use The MOBIB card was introduced in 2008 and validators (card readers) were progressively installed throughout the STIB's bus, tram, metro and station network, alongside the readers for magnetic tickets which are still issued. The MOBIB card operates with Calypso technology, i.e. the same standard for all users DEMANDE DE CARTE MOBIB : signatétique cLient PIJMENI Jt1NO ULICE Ne Bte PS Localite MSTo/osEc Pays zEN tETU NW Langue PREFo'1MI Jfljk'c POlLA'1(-_____ Coordonnees de contact (facuttatif) I'-IML-QMAIL.C2 Telephone (travail) (1) Le cas êchéant, pour les contrats tiers payant, nde membre du personnel aupres de l'employeu

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  1. When you buy a new travel pass, if you don't have a MOBIB card yet or if it has expired then you will be charged €5 extra for your new card. Your MOBIB card with your travel pass will be sent to your home address via regular mail within 7 working days of receipt of payment
  2. Question about MOBIB card. I'm visiting your lovely city from the States this week. When I first got to the city I bought a MOBIB basic card at the Midi station with 10 rides on it. Today I had to refill the card. I did so at an automated machine and I believe I did everything correctly, but when I got on a bus tonight and swiped the card it.
  3. As far I can see, on SNCB/NMBS trains, you can't load single train tickets on a MOBIB card, so it is of little use for visitors. It is intended for season ticket holders. Regular visitors to Belgium might find a Rail Pass useful, giving 10 single tickets any distance for €76. The FAQ says You can get a MOBIB card without an E-id
  4. Belgian railways NMBS has introduced the MOBIB transport card. The MOBIB is a dual-mode chip with NFC which customers can use to load subscriptions onto the card. The NMBS will begin with 180,000.
  5. card for 10 journeys JUMP: 14,00 € (+ MOBIB basic = 5€) 1-day card JUMP : 7,50€ airport line - bus 12/21 - one way ticket: 4,50 € (1 journey purchased outside vehicle) / 6,00 € (1 journey purchased inside vehicle
  6. Mobib card help. Greetings Belgium, I'm on holiday in your beautiful country, can you help me making sense of the public transportation system? I got a Mobib card to get to Stavelot from Verviers. While I'm staying here I'd like to use the bus to get around the area, but since buying tickets at the bus itself is made impossible because of COVID.
  7. ative tickets). You.

MOBIB: a new registration and ticketing system - De Lij

MOBIB is the smart ticketing system for the Brussels public transport - same as Oyster in London or Navigo in Paris. Even if you are an occasional visitor to Brussels it is worth getting a MOBIB card (basic version) as it saves you 50 cents when you buy a single Metro, Bus or Tram ticket, or €1.50 when you buy a 10 journey ticket The tool currently reads the contents of: EMV bank cards, Calypso public transport cards (such as Navigo, RavKav, and Mobib), Belgian eID cards, GSM SIM cards, the French Vitale 2 health card, some Mifare cards, and Moneo electronic purse cards

What do I do if my MOBIB card is faulty? - Support

MOBIB Out-Of-Home Ads for Belgian Rail on Behance

How or where can I buy a MOBIB Basic card

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